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About Enterprise Vault

Enterprise Vault Help

Enterprise is a cloud-based archiving service that lets your organization store, manage, and discover email messages and other business-critical information. Once your organization enables the service, it journals a copy of all messages you send and receive to Enterprise Using Enterprise Vault, you can work with messages archived using Enterprise

Enterprise currently does not archive calendar items, contacts, or notes. lets you perform the following actions:

  • Read archived messages.

  • Search for archived messages.

  • Reply to and forward archived messages.

  • Restore archived messages to your inbox.

  • Save archived messages to your computer.

  • Download message attachments.

  • Print archived messages.

  • Tag archived messages.

  • Send new messages.

Your administrator may choose to make some of these actions unavailable in

By default, the message list in displays only your own archived messages. If your organization subscribes to your administrator can assign you the reviewer role, which lets you monitor the messages of other archive accounts.

Recent updates to

Recent updates to include the following:

  • Your administrator can now control whether the options to print and save messages are available in

  • Delegate access now supports Office 365 archive accounts in addition to Exchange on-premises archive accounts.

A list of the updates that were included with previous releases of is provided separately.

See About the updates in previous releases

For details of all the updates in each release of the Enterprise service suite, see the Enterprise release notes on the Veritas Support website.