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Veritas Velocity™ User's Guide
Veritas Velocity Release Notes

Introducing Velocity

Velocity Help

Veritas Velocity ™ provides an on-premises solution that enables database administrators to provide users with controlled self-service access to copies of production data without impacting production environments. Administrators can set up the roles that enable users, such as developers and testers, to access specific databases. Then, users can quickly and easily access database copies.

You can use Velocity to:

  • Provide rapid, on-demand, self-service access to copy data for authorized business functions when and where users need it. This self-service capability is ideal for testing and development, data science and analytics, legal and eDiscovery, and business continuity purposes.

  • Accelerate application release cycles.

  • Reduce the complexity of provisioning workflows.

  • Reduce your company's copy data sprawl through streamlined end-to-end management.

Velocity consists of the following components:

  • Velocity Storage Server, which stores all copy data in Veritas Velocity. You can deploy the Velocity Storage Server on a virtual machine or on the Velocity physical appliance.

  • Velocity Console, which is the user interface for Velocity.

  • Velocity Client, which is a service that assists in the automation of the database ingestion and sandbox creation processes.

  • The Velocity on-premises management server is an additional component that you install on a virtual machine in your data center. In the on-premises solution, both the Velocity management server and the Velocity Storage Server reside on-premises. All Velocity operations are performed inside your data center, and all data and metadata also reside on-premises.

    See Figure: Overview of Velocity On-Premises Management Server

Figure: Overview of Velocity On-Premises Management Server